Partnership with Canon

Helping Canon customers go digital

Canon offers one of the best document solution ecosystems in the industry. Canon's document solutions are used every day by its customers, for instance to digitalize paper documents.

Canon has now partnered with ketl to offer its customers intelligent software solutions to automatically identify relevant information, increasing the efficiency of your processes and providing significant added value to your business.

Digitising paper documents is a necessity in today's digital world.

This solution is particularly suitable for lawyers, trust and audit companies who are moving towards paperless offices.

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Use cases

ketl offers a variety of solutions for companies to better manage their information and documents. Often, scanned PDFs are composed of multiple files. Using Artificial Intelligence, ketl typically helps customers automatically split PDFs into separate documents.

ketl also helps classify and save documents in the right folder in a single click. Our AI is able to recognize the documents you scan and avoids hours of manual saving and renaming.

With inherent AI, Ketl's document management solution can anticipate user-specific needs and simplify tedious tasks.

Thanks to the cloud, access to the solution works from home in the home office as well as from the office. Ketl's platform is secure because it is supported by the largest telecom service provider in Switzerland.

Security is particularly important for the actual industry solution for lawyers, notaries, asset managers and insurance brokers.

Split PDFs and much more

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Split PDF scans automatically using our Artificial Intelligence