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Our DMS uses Artificial intelligence to boost your productivity.
Automatic classification. Automatic suggestions.
You are in the driving seat. AI simply assists you in the process.
Our DMS uses Artificial intelligence to boost your productivity.
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Why choose ketl


ketl was created by professionals tired of using complicated solutions. Ketl is a simple DMS, yet very powerful.


ketl gives you a secure access to your companie's emails and documents, automatically classified by case. Working as a team has never been easier.


ketl uses AI to classify your documents and enhance your workflows.


ketl relies on state-of-the-art technology, providing you with arguably the fastest document management system available on the market.
ketl greatly improves the management of our mail and of our thousands of scans every months. We wanted a simple and efficient product and are very happy with ketl.
Hassan Barbir Hassan Barbir, Partner, PBM | Attorneys-at-law
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